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Telekom Electronic Beats invites you to blaze new trails and celebrate the energy of youth, shared freedom spirit and base vibrations throughout the body. A mixed genre and generation venture ‘Summer of Joy, Youth, Freedom’ exposes the freedom, openness, vulnerability and a sense of wonder. Wonder with a respect and ‘music first’ approach.

Pull up the clubwear looks that were under the dust for a while. Glitter glam is mandatory! Dance together throughout the summer like no one is watching; you will never grow up if you were not young… Are U Down?

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Thanks for participating

In a total of seven rounds during the previous three months, we've handed out tickets to eleven festivals in ten countries to nearly 1800 winners! We hope we were able to remind you to get out, have fun and enjoy a moment of lightheartedness. We are thankful for our wonderful partners, whithout whom none of this would have been possible:

Velvet, D-Festival, Colours of Ostrava, Rolling Loud Germany, Ohrid Calling, Paradies Garten, Lovestream, Olsztyn Green Festival, 3 Smoked Olives, Inota & Lollapalooza

Docu Tracks – A digital first guide to a summer of joy, youth and freedom all across Europe

Telekom Electronic Beats asked 10 young creatives all across Europe what it feels like to be a young creative in their hometown. Docu Tracks is a digital first 10 episode homage to nightlife all across Europe. Social Media is all about genuine connection at the end – this is why we're targeting young people on their timelines and reminding them to go out, enjoy and explore. Because you can't grow up if you've never been young...

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Electronic Beats will host 8 temporary, unexpected events at unique locations – spread throughout the summer and all over Europe. Stay tuned and don't miss out as we gradually reveal where the next one will take place!

The Power Of Partying: Summer of Joy, Youth, Freedom.

War, climate change, pushy parents - it's not the world you deserve, but sadly, for a lot of Gen Z, it's the one they got. Jayda G sits down with some of the best young creators in Europe to discuss the value of partying with the pressure of the world on your shoulders.

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